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Real Life First, Social Gaming

ExDominion is an EVE Online Corporation. We strive to be a social corporation with members from all time-zones. Currently, ExDominion is based in the Nullsec region of Catch whoever we are conquering with our alliance, Evictus. Our philosophy is that a corporation with an active player-base and that has a series of active goals will strive in this sandbox atmosphere. Evictus is NBSI.

Life First

We all have lives outside of EVE, we always expect that to come first.

Multiple Timezones

With players in nearly every time zone, you'll never be alone!

Newbie Friendly

We all started out somewhere let us give you a kick start.


With an in-depth corporate structure, we're always ontop of the game.

Experienced Leadership

With over 12 years worth of experience, we know how to keep you safe.


While anyone may join, security steps are always take to keep you safe.

Organization, Structure, Cooperation

We believe organization is the foundation of any good corporation, followed by strong activity from its members and management. Below we have our 3 divisions listed. These divisions do not have ranks, however there are merit-based rewards and opportunities for growth.


Fleet of Coraxes

The Administration is the command and control arm of the corporation. They oversee all operations within the organization.

Made up of 5 members - large corporate decisions are decided with input from the people in this Division.


  • Corporate asset management
  • Promotions
  • Human Resources / Internal Complaints
  • Diplomatic Issues


Dramiel shooting

The Spartan Division is the main fleet of ExDominion. Spartan pilots are combat-ready pilots willing to defend corporate and alliance assets when called upon.

All Spartan Veteran pilots should aim to fly T2 Heavy Assault Cruisers (HACs) of any race.


  • Protection of ExDominion assets, space and ideals
  • Hunter-Killer missions
  • Teaching new ExDominion pilots PVP basics
  • Development of new PVP fittings and fleet compositions

Heavy Industry

Fleet of Charons

The Heavy Industry designation is the logistics backbone of the corporation. Heavy Industry is where our corporation's scientist do their work.

Researchers, Manufacturers and Inventors who have shown promise are welcomed to join Heavy Industry.


  • To produce high-end finished goods for self and for corporation
  • To research and copy valuable blueprints
  • To manage and oversee any POS/Citadel construction and maintenance
  • Capital ship, T2 and T3 production

What We Offer

With minimal play time requirements we offer a great range of services
to allow you to play the game they way you want.

Ship Replacement

Alliance-wide ship replacement is available for our members taking part in alliance strat-op fleets. If you lost a ship, apply on the apropriate section of the forums. Conditions apply (ie: must be alliance or corporate sanctioned fleet, must have proper fitting).

ExDominion has ships available to members free of charge as well, in both fitted and unfitted varieties.


There are a ton of PVP opportunities for our pilots. We live in the lower catch area, this means there are plenty of reds flying nearby to attack. We do stealth-bomber runs, small-gang and medium-gang roams, hotdrops and alliance-scale large fleet battles. There is a piece for everyone to enjoy, from T1 frigates to capitals.


Transportation is available to and from nullsec to highsec trading hubs (Jita, Amarr). Our corporation does runs to highsec from our nullsec base of operations for resupply. Please let an ExDominion director know if you wish to hop some items on that jump freighter.


Our nullsec space is riddled with ratting and mining anomalies which allow pilots to bring in serious income, even with a simple Venture or Destroyer-class ship. Our alliance also has corporate ore-buyback programs in place which allows miners to earn isk as well as support our alliance building needs.

Planetary Interaction is also a major source of income. The planets in our systems generate resources the fastest out of any security-sector space in the game. Make millions weekly passively simply by hitting a couple buttons.


We keep the joining process as simple as possible for new recruits,
please follow the steps outlined below and start flying in no time.

If you have questions, or require assistance, please contact one of the players located below.

  1. Join our public in-game channel, ExDom Hub or join our Discord. Speak with any recruiters or ExDominion members if you have any questions. If you think this is the corp for you, continue on.
  2. Wait for the join go-ahead from a Recruiter.
  3. Quit any previous corporations.
  4. Dock-up in any station. Press Alt-E, search ExDominion.
  5. Click "Apply to Corporation" on the show info screen.
  6. If accepted, you will be placed on a 30 day trial.


All the people who fancy themselves important.

Francis Raven
CEO / Ghosting Champion 3 years running
(Imicus Commander)

Tai Creire-Geng
Director /
Lead Recruiter
(Silent But Deadly)

Hamfish Shades
Director / Actually Part of TIKLE
(Lives Upside Down)

Common Clapton
Director / May, or may not still be in the Corp
(VERGN Spy, For Sure)

Commrade Yuri
Junior Director / It was mandatory really
(A Head Shinier Than Amarr Ships)